WATCH: International safeguarding – the impact of Covid

Join Orbital Education’s Michael Clack as he explores the international safeguarding landscape amid the pandemic

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Coronavirus: The impact on safeguarding in international schools

In 2020 the way that we teach has changed beyond recognition. Worldwide lockdowns caused rapid adoption of technology in the classroom, while students normally under schools’ supervision were confined to their homes away from the support network that schools offer.

The changes brought about by the pandemic have posed new safeguarding questions to international schools, so what do leaders need to be aware of?

Join Orbital Education’s regional head of schools, Michael Clack, as he looks at the current state of safeguarding within the international sector.

Coronavirus: Essential advice for safeguarding 

With 25 years’ education experience, Michael has headed up schools in the Middle East and Europe, while also working for the Independent Schools Inspectorate under the British Schools Overseas accreditation scheme and as chair of visiting teams for the Council of International Schools.

In this webinar he explores the new considerations brought about by the use of new classroom technology, and offers essential advice for safeguarding leads everywhere.

This is a recording of a Tes webinar held on Tuesday 6 October 2020.

Tes safeguarding webinar




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