Corporate killing net widens

Tes Editorial

There has been widespread publicity about the proposal to introduce a new corporate killing law, which makes it easy to prosecute and imprison directors of large companies where, for example, there has been a train crash or the sinking of a boat.

Just before the end of the summer parliamentary session, Home Office minister Keith Bradley announced that the law will be widened to include "about 3.5 million enterprises, for example it will include NHS trusts and voluntary bodies". School governing bodies are included in the 3.5m.

If the law goes ahead, every governor faces prosecution and imprisonment if it can be shown that a lack of adequate procedures or staff training caused a fatal accident. A conviction will probably lead to litigation for damages in a civil court.

Very little publicity has been given to Mr Bradley's announcement. My son sent it to me with the question: So do you still want to be a governor, Dad?

Brian Jones

103 Rodenhurst Road Clapham Park

London SW4

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Tes Editorial

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