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Council is not alone

Lindy Hardcastle (TES, December 12) is quite right to argue that governors belong with the school leadership group.

She is also right to point out that it is only the clamour of governors nationally that has prevented them being sidelined in important areas like the workforce agreement and headteacher training.

What a pity then that she attributes these successes solely to the National Governors' Council. We have two national organisations, and the National Association of Governors and Managers protested just as vociferously as the NGC on both these subjects. What all of those involved in governance nationally have learned is that governors need to be constantly vigilant to protect their role in education, and that if we press our cases in the right places we will be heard, especially when we shout together.

Stephen Adamson Vice-chair National Association of Governors and Managers 29 Smallbrook Queensway, Birmingham

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