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Council is not worth tuppence

I HAVE received a glossy pamphlet from my union, soliciting my votes for the union-approved candidates in the forthcoming General Teaching Council elections.

They will not have them. The unions have completely failed to protect both pupils and teachers from the Kafkaesque absurdities which have passed for government policy over the past two decades. There seems little point in casting good votes after bad. Besides, the unions already have their nominees on the GTC and, for what it is worth, the GTC should not be a union poodle.

But what is it worth? To go from Carol Adams' article (TES, February 18) on the 70-teacher focus group, the GTC is already being shaped into the creature the Government desires: all flim-flam and policy statements, with no power to act excpt upon teachers: a tame little Government poodle. If that were to cost us 2p a year it would still be too dear.

If the GTC is to be worth tuppence, it must act for us, not on us. If it will truly represent the entire profession, then it will have enormous authority, and with that the potential to be truly effective.

The GTC should arrogate to itself - and thereby to us - the power of accreditation.

The accreditation of the GTC - the expressed approval of the entire profession - would be something worth having; and the genuine consultation of the GTC, with its membership required for this to work properly, would be a major step in establishing the credibility of the GTC itself.

Philip D Delnon

79 Broomfield Road



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