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Course notes

Terri Peacock, headteacher at Peatmoor primary school in Swindon, steps forward in movement skills

Course Fundamental Movement Skills.

Provider Steps PD (

Venue At school. Two days, October 2003.

Cost Free as part of a pilot project.

How did you find out about it?

We'd worked with Steps before.

Why go?

It had been planned for more than a year, with Steps bringing a trainer from Australia.

What did it promise?

Helping young children develop positive attitudes towards physical activity.We didn't know much about the course beforehand because it was so new.

Did it deliver?

It was different from what we expected. We thought it would cover motor skills, for example, but it was much more PE-oriented.

Highs and lows There were some excellent practical sessions. We brought recyclable materials to make games, everything from developing the format to the rules. It was fun and easy to see effective uses across the curriculum.

We've got a massive recycling project going on in school, so it fitted perfectly.

Message, motto or mantra You don't have to be a PE specialist to know and teach fundamental physical skills.

Best advice We learnt to teach basic techniques, such as catching. We modelled for each other and could see why some of us couldn't throw and catch. We demonstrated the behaviour we were trying to discourage.

Has it made a difference?

It's particularly good for foundation stage teaching. I want to unpick what we do, slip the fundamental movement skills into the curriculum and sew it all back together.

Coming your way?

Information on the Steps PD courses is on the website, or tel: 01793 787930.

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