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Course notes

It's about creating courses to suit individual classes for Malcolm Appleby, head of Warter C of E primary school, York

Course Working With Your Children in your Classroom, by Ben Brunwin.

Provider Working With Your Children (

Venue At our school. May 2003.

Cost pound;150-pound;180, paid by the school.

How did you find out about it?

I knew Ben when he was an advisory teacher.

Why go?

We've run similar sessions and they've been a big success.

What did it promise?

Practical sessions exploring literacy, held in the classroom, with the teacher present to watch and take part.

Did it deliver?

The course was tailor-made for each class and teacher with a focus on sharing creative experience and, because it takes place in the classroom, it's not dry and remote.

Highs and lows

The enthusiasm of the children and staff. I hear teachers talking of trying something "... la Ben Brunwin".

Message, motto or mantra

Engaging with children's ideas through discussion is the basis of everything else.

Best advice

We looked at writing stories; Ben has a fantastic repertoire to get children started. We explored ways of developing plot and character using floor diagrams and drawings.

Has it made a difference?

Everything produced during the course was bound into volumes. It provides a ready reference for the teachers, and something concrete to show for all the hard work.

Coming your way?

Working With Your Children runs one and three-day courses for teachers in all sectors. Tel: 01652 660640 or visit the website.

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