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Course notes

Ann Pope, deputy head of Hollymount school, London borough of Merton Course Using the Science Museum with key stage 1, Inset training.

Provider The Science Museum, London (

Cost pound;50 per school. Paid by the school.

Why go?

At the time I was co-ordinating science and working with key stage 1, so it seemed ideal. I'd also enjoyed another course there.

What did it promise?

"An introductory talk explaining the resources available, highlighting key links to the national curriculum and suggesting strategies for working in the galleries with pupils... see a science show, meet a drama character and become familiar with theexhibitions and hands-on galleries."

Did it deliver?

It was a varied and active day. And it introduced me to things I had no idea happened there, such as tours by costumed actors role-playing famous people.

Highs and lows I loved the Imax presentation. But I found the "armchair" tour dull and uninspiring - and I was sorry that in the interactive galleries there was no one to show us what to do and how to work things.

Message, motto or mantra The Science Museum can be cross-curricular and support all areas of learning.

Best advice Not to forget simple ideas. We had a good session using objects from the museum to inspire poetry - it was surprisingly creative and easy to do with a class.

Has it made a difference?

On our return we immediately organised a trip with a party of children - we booked Amy Johnson (pictured) as our character for the day.

Coming your way?

The museum offers courses for particular curriculum needs as well as whole-school Inset sessions. See the website or call 020 7942 4750.

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