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February 22. DIABETES AWARENESS FOR PROFESSIONALS. Organised by the British Diabetic Association in Birmingham for teachers, social workers, residential care workers and other staff involved in the care of young people with diabetes. The programme will include presentations by health care professionals, parents,and people with diabetes.

Topics include What is Diabetes?, recognising and treating of hypos, and other care issues. Tickets: Pounds 50 per delegate. Details: James Patterson, Youth and Family Services, British Diabetic Association, 10 Queen Anne Street, London W1M 0BD.


The Science Museum in London has several teachers' courses across the spring and summer terms, covering aspects of science, technology and history for all key stages.

There are also open evenings for teachers and advisors to look at what the museum has on offer over a glass of wine. Details: Sarah Leonard, 0171 938 8166, fax 0171 938 9774, e-mail

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