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We welcome contributions from colleges wishing to publicise courses, seminars and conferences

CENTRA Supporting children with eating disorders Harrogate : Oct 10 Wolverhampton: Nov 7

Thinking skills: making the most of your mind Chorley: Oct 12

Reducing disruptive behaviour in colleges Chorley: Oct 13

Creativity in learning Chorley: Oct 16

Raising achievement by teaching what counts Chorley: Oct 16

Management and administration of examinations and assessment officers Bath: Oct 1617

NVQ assessment update Chorley: Oct 17

Effectively managing student data London: Oct 31

NVQ key skills Chorley: Oct 31

Assertiveness in colleges and schools Chorley: Nov 2

Raising standards through excellent quality systems Chorley: Nov 3 Chorley: Nov 6

Voice-recognition Chorley: Nov 6

Raising achievement in FE science Chorley: Nov 14

Raising retention and achievement: Superteacher model for FE London: Nov 8

Teachers into managers Nottingham: Nov 9 and 10 Chorley: Nov 14

Managing learning Chorley: Nov 15

Free-standing maths units Chorley: Nov 17

ICT and ILT in colleges Chorley: Nov 21

Strategy and educational character Chorley: Nov 21 York: Nov 24

Another quiet year ineducation: review of recent changes Chorley: Nov 23

Performance management and the line manager Chorley: Nov 27

Clerk to the Corporation Wolverhampton: Nov 30

Professional success through effective communication Chorley: Nov 6

For governors Induction training Chorley: Oct 24 York: Nov 1 Wolverhampton: Nov 9

Strategy and educational character Chorley: Nov 21

Audit Committee York: Nov 24

Clerk to the Corporation Wolverhampton: Nov 30


ABC external moderators advice day Nottingham: Oct 6 and Oct 14

PAs to principalssenior managers' network Nottingham: Oct 10

UFI in the regions Nottingham: Oct 11

Health is your business Mansfield: Oct 27

Developing the KS4 curriculum Nottingham: Nov 2

Management development Nottingham: Nov 7-8

Effective information advice and guidance Nottingham: Nov 9

Engineering network Nottingham: Nov 10

Construction-tutors network Nottingham: Nov 16

Working with learners experiencing mental health difficulties Nottingham: Nov 28


Key skills 2000 Leeds: Oct 5 London: Oct 10

Target-setting for colleges Taunton: Oct 11

Basic skills: keeping up with change Birmingham: Oct 11

Diversity and leadership Cambridge and Bristol: Oct 18 and19

Celebrating best practice in tutoring London: Oct 18

Web designers' workshop Burton Manor: Oct 23-25 Burton Manor: Nov 8-10

Key skills: Looking at students' workright Nottingham: Oct 27

Co-ordinating key skills London: Nov 2

Leisure and tourism York: Nov 7

Leisure and tourism (advanced) London: Nov 8

GNVQ: Managing Part I London: Nov 9

Best practice in Maths London: Nov 14

Revised GNVQvocational A levels London: Nov 15 Sheffield : Nov 23

GNVQ key skills workshop Bristol: Nov 20 Leeds: Nov 22 Nottingham: Nov 30

Key skills at level 1 Leeds: Nov 23


Timetabling curriculum 2000 in FE and SFC London: Nov 1

Key Skills integration in A-level sciences Londn: Nov 2

Curriculum support staff: meeting demands of your role effectively London: Nov 8 Manchester: Nov 14 Birmingham: Nov 15

Key Skills for those new to Key Skills London: Nov 10

Introduction: Revised FEFC funding methodology 2000-1 London: Nov 23 Birmingham: Dec 7

Managing delivery and assessment of NVQs in English lanaguage London: Nov 23 Birmingham: Dec 7

Funding OCN provision Birmingham: Dec 6


The learning age and the voluntary sector London: Nov 1

Widening HEparticipation Leeds: Nov 11

Family learning London: Nov 23


Excluded Men Birmingham: Oct 19

Niace Participation andachievement London: Oct 10

NSACVCP Commercial partnering in the education sector Chelsea FC: Nov 29

Arscott AssocsEversheds Contact: Clare Peise, Quadrilect Tel: 020 7242 4141 Learning and skills: role of RDAs London: Oct 31

NSA Work-based learning: challenges andopportunities Birmingham: Nov 1

Network Training CBI National Conference ICC, Birmingham: Nov 5 Contact: 020 7395 8247

Vocational A levels amp; Access to HE:coherence, credibility and currency London: Nov 6

Network Training Implementing the new standards moderation assessment system Birmingham: Nov 9

Network Training Weekend college: provision, participation and profit Birmingham: Nov 9

Network Training Managing and delivery of ESOL London: Nov 13

Network Training Bachelors, Masters amp; Bologna: UK qualificat- ions framework for HE London: Nov 14

NSAQAA Travel and Tourism: the new vocational A-level London: Nov 20 Manchester: Nov 29

Network Training Managing support teams Stratford upon Avon: Nov 21 amp; 22

Network Training FERL annual conference Stratford upon Avon: Nov 2021. NABSEFERLBecta Generating alternative sources of funding London: Nov 28

Network Training Lecturers in secretarial and administrative programmes: annual conference Birmingham: Nov 28

Network Training Supporting students with Dyslexia in FE Birmingham: Nov 28

Network Training Pop music and music technology: post-16 Birmingham: Nov 30

Network Training Early years lecturers Bath: Dec 5 amp; 6

Network Training PA to the principal: annual conference Chester: Dec 7-8

Network Training Action on access: from practice into policy Nottingham: Oct 6

Niace Learning and mental health: promotion, quality and partnership London: Oct 10

Niace Towards the virtual college Solihull: Oct 26

Nabse Impact of new technology London: Nov 2

Feda Association of Colleges Harrogate: Nov 21-23

Contact: NSA Race equality Birmingham: Friday November 24

Niace COntacts

CENTRA 01257 241 428 (fax) 60 357 e-mail:

FEDA 020 7840 5381-3 (fax) 5406

NIACE 0116 204 4291

EMFEC 0115 854 1626 (fax) 1617 Contact: Michelle Chesterfield

Neil Stewart Associates (NSA) 0207 698 3036 e-mail: anna.totten@neilstewart

NABSE 0121 776 7766 Network Training 01823 353354 e-mail: mail@ net work

NILTA 0113 234 3598

Announcements of publications or eventsto be featured here should be faxed to Janet Buckelew college Manager 0207 782 3200 e-mail

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