Courses and pints

Now is the time for students planning to enter higher education next September to choose their courses. Most will want the best possible tuition combined with good accommodation and social facilities.

The PUSH Guide to Which University 98 by Tim Footman and Lisa English (McGraw Hill Pounds 9.99) can help narrow the field. It has a section on what is offered where and tongue-in-cheek summaries of what student life is like at each institution.

Each college round-up includes welfare services, the cost of accommodation in or out, and the price of a pint and glass of wine. The book is also available on Window CD-Rom.

One chapter is devoted to the pros and cons of taking a gap year. Those opting to do so next year could save towards the tuition fees they will now have to pay. Whether they spend their year overseas teaching English, working on a kibbutz, or studying a language, or working in the UK, the experience will impress prospective employers.

A Year Between (Central Bureau for Educational Visits and Exchanges Pounds 9.99 third edition) outlines opportunities in 110 countries and lists more than 180 organisations offering job placements for one month to a year. First-hand experiences are included and advice for travellers.

Other course guides were reviewed on July 11

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