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Cover blown

GLASNOST arrives at the Qualifications and Curriculum Authority.

You'll recall the QCA occupies the former home of MI6, complete with bomb proof lecture hall (and rumours of a rubber-lined room with a small drain in the basement...)

You may also remember that despite being in Piccadilly, the QCA has persisted in giving its address as Bolton Street, a nondescript side street round the corner.

Whether the quango was embarrassed by haing one of London's fanciest addresses, or was possessed to put out disinformation by the ghostly influence of the former occupants is unclear.

But in a new spirit of openness, the QCA has come clean, and says 83 Piccadilly - where after all the front door is found - is the address from now on.

A press officer offers some guff about the postcode changing but admits:

"People visiting the building did find it confusing..."

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