News podcast: Are schools ready to open to all pupils?

The Tes news team on fears opening schools could lead to 'a real surge' in Covid and a row over 'traditional' teaching

Tes News podcast 5 March 2021: Schools reopening and traditional teaching

Join the Tes news team as we discuss the latest figures from the Office for National Statistics, which show that around a third of local authorities in England still have infection rates of more than 100 per 100,000 – and are therefore still above the threshold at which some scientists said it wouldn’t be safe to open schools.

We also discuss the row between the NASUWT teaching union and the Department for Education as to whether schools are in breach of human rights if teachers contract Covid.

And we talk about the lack of clarity in advice for pregnant teachers as to whether they should be back in school.

We look back at the controversy around education secretary Gavin Williamson's speech to the FED National Education Summit in which he backed traditional teaching methods

And, finally, we look at the top 10 songs for teachers to motivate pupils as they return to class next week.


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Dave Speck

Dave Speck is a reporter at Tes

Find me on Twitter @Specktator100

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