Teachers condemn safety ad's 'small class sizes' claim

Teachers condemn inaccuracies in DfE safety measures advert

Catherine Lough and John Roberts

Class sizes: Secondary school classes are the biggest in 19 years, new DfE figures show

Teachers have condemned an advert from the Department for Education on staying safe during the pandemic that references "smaller class sizes".

The advert from the DfE, posted on Twitter and Facebook, states that, "from smaller class sizes to regular hand washing, schools are applying measures to reduce risks for children and staff."

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Primary teacher Emma Cate tweeted in response: "Schools are doing as much as they can to protect staff and pupils but I do wish that the government wouldn't tell the public that we have 'smaller class sizes' because this just isn't true and it isn't something they have allowed."

advert from DfE

Teacher Jenny Warren commented that she was teaching classes of up to 34 pupils during the pandemic, while another teacher also said she had a class of 34 Year 7 pupils. 

In September, the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development's (OECD) report on education found that reducing the spread of Covid-19 in England's primary classrooms might be more difficult than in other countries owing to larger class sizes

And later last month, the NEU teaching union called on the government to focus on reducing class sizes to tackle Covid-19 transmission

The DfE has been contacted for comment.

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