Crawling out of the treacle of jargon

Len Parkyn

Following on from "Jargon clogs FE works" (FE Focus, October 31) I went through some old documents and discussed this matter with colleagues and we came to the following conclusion.

"After a scoping exercise into the virtual parameters of our various information conduits we were incentivised in going forward in terms of reflective futures to engage in fragmented exploration of the oscillating equilibrium of change.

"Applying the principles of diverse diligence within the confines of a lexicon of application we came to the conclusion that our out of body extrapolation allowed us to send a message via a working tool that permitted future and visionary planning in the field of balanced fact finding within four square walls.

"Following interactive negotiation involving an uprising in a downsizing environment we experienced a Garden of Eden plums of knowledge moment.

"The question of do we cascade or bidet this beyond our experience paradigm was posed.

"The answer was keep it plain, keep it simple and keep it direct".

Len Parkyn (lecturer), Horam, East Sussex.

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Len Parkyn

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