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Creating citizens in Birmingham

I note with interest Professor Crick's comments about "the spirit of the citizenship Order which cannot be met by straight-line teaching, and that pupils cannot learn about who holds power or about quangos purely through participating in the running of the school". He then went on to suggest that "lots of Birmingham and Manchester schools follow this road, but in itself it's not sufficient" ("Towards a spirit of citizenship", TES, September 4).

I agree with Professor Crick's view that to provide the experience is not in itself sufficient, but wonder what his evidence source is to suggest that this is all that schools in Birmingham do. David Blunkett, in a national address, recently praised Birmingham's First Citizen scheme. Based in primary schools, it meets the requirements of the proposals for citizenship.

I challenge Professor Crick to come here and find out in person what is going on in our schools.

John Lloyd, Adviser for PSE, Birmingham advisory and support service, Birmingham

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