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Creationism alongside Darwin in Science?

Lilyofthefield: Science, the last time I looked, required evidence. Genesis seems to need more in the way of faith.

physicsgirl: This one gets me so mad. I'm a Christian and the Bible is important to me but I think taking the whole thing literally as if it were some kind of textbook written all at once is wrong.

Curly girl: As I understand it a scientific theory has to be observable and repeatable to become fact. You can't observe or repeat the big bang so it's a theory.

Bonkers704: Too many people here are claiming to be Christians but also denying the literal truth of their own holy book. Either the Bible is the holy and inspired Word of God which is true, or it is written by man and is a document created over a very long period of time in the context of a wide variety of historical situations.

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