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Credit the web payment plan

Contrary to comments made by John Bangs of the National Union of Teachers, ParentPay - a new system which enables parents to pay for school extras via the web - in no way contributes to the commercialisation of education (TES, June 18).

Rather, the service has been welcomed by many schools that see it as an administration tool to reduce the workload of staff. These are the very reasons that Capita Education Services have chosen to develop and promote this service with ParentPay Ltd.

Capita ES has a commitment to building products that facilitate the removal of the 24 tasks that teachers should no longer be performing under the workload agreement.

ParentPay was developed by parent and former teacher, Lynne Taylor, with feedback from schools, to ensure that the system was designed with the needs of both the school and parent in mind. The service allows parents that do not have credit or debit cards to continue to pay for items at school in cash, or via a PayPoint facility which are available in 10,000 retail outlets nationwide.

Sean Massey

Head of marketing Capita Education Services Priory Business Park Cardington, Bedford

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