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Criminal waste of talent

After qualifying three years ago, and before completing my induction year, I decided to do something for the developing world. So I spent three years with Voluntary Service Overseas teaching English in Rwanda. We could learn from its education system. Without our obsession with paperwork, I could put all my energy into teaching.

But on my return, I find I cannot get supply work because I cannot get criminal clearance from Rwanda. With VSO, the British Embassy and now my MP on the case, I have got nowhere in three months. There appears to be nothing more I can do.

I cannot even re-train by doing a postgraduate certificate of education because I cannot get the criminal clearance I need.

It seems the only option for me is to change career or work abroad. It is a sad that, after working as a volunteer, I am now prevented from doing the job I love in my own country.

Heidi Farrrow 6 Dolbeare Road Ashburton, Devon

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