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Criticism, cost and Gogol's inspector;Postscript;Letter

I FEAR that Christopher Knight (TES, October 15) is largely in ignorance about the National Association of SchoolmastersUnion of Women Teachers response to the Government's plans to restructure the teaching profession.

NASUWT has been fiercely critical of some proposals, but supportive of others. Where we have criticised we have always put forward a constructive and better alternative.

Mr Knight argues for additional payment for qualifications although be fails to acknowledge that the current system, granting two additional increments for a good honours degree, at least in part meets his demand.

However, in advocating parity of treatment with medical consultants, Mr Knight commits himself to supporting the principle behind ministers' plans to link pay to some kind of assessment. It is surprising therefore that he dismisses our position as a "disappointing sop" to the Government.

Nigel de Gruchy

General secretary


5 King Street

London, WC2E

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