Cross-curricular education pack

Neil McLennan

I was pleased to note the positive publicity for the launch of the new PoppyScotland education pack (TESS September 19). However, I was somewhat concerned that it was pigeonholed as "history" on your subjects page.

As one of the writers on the team, I must highlight the amount of work that went in to ensuring the materials were cross-curricular. Much thought and emphasis was given to guaranteeing that whatever material was written conformed to the new Curriculum for Excellence guidelines.

As such, the education pack offers something for many departments as well as cross-cutting themes. For example, the Haig debate material could be used in a history, English or literacy across the curriculum project (not to mention extra-curricular debating societies). The Poppy Product challenge could be used as a cross-department project in business management, accounts, administration, artCDT and computing studies. The Recycling Challenge could be used in a science class. There are challenges relating to codescommunication in warfare which can be used in maths, international challenges that could be used in modern studies ... the list goes on.

More writing work is planned over the next two years, with more emphasis on creative arts and science in the next phase. Meantime, the pack cannot be categorised as history only.

More importantly, the pack should hopefully raise the profile of the need for remembrance to be a key part of the developing curriculum. Sadly, warfare continues to have a devastating impact on our communities. Hopefully, this pack will ensure the next generation do not forget and are actively taught to remember.

Neil McLennan, principal teacher of history, Tynecastle High, Edinburgh.

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Neil McLennan

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