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Cross-curricular - Make time for pet protection

What it's all about

RSPCA Week (30 April to 6 May) is a time to make pupils more aware of what they can do to keep their pets protected. To start fundraising in school, contact the RSPCA for a guide. Alternatively, the organisation has a range of resources for the classroom, including:

primary and secondary assemblies about the RSPCA's role, with instructions on how to create bird cake;

lesson plans on what pets need, caring for farm animals, dogs and the law, responsible farming and many other topics;

the "Big Quiz", which tests pupils' animal care know-how.

Battersea Dogs and Cats Home

How do dogs feel? A seven-minute video from Bat the dog and Zee the cat explains how humans cause dogs to attack, helping pupils understand how to treat their pets. Contact your local cat and dog home and try to arrange a visit so pupils can meet some of the residents and tour their quarters.

What else?

The animal welfare charities Blue Cross, PDSA and RSPCA have created The website offers a wide range of resources.

Early years: animal-themed colouring in and word puzzles.

Key stage 1 (P1-3): animal arts and crafts and understanding living organisms.

Key stage 2 (P4-7): charity advertising and discussing animal cruelty.

Key stage 3: animal stereotypes and campaigning for change.

Key stage 4: science, ethics and working for an animal charity.

Post-16: debating animal issues.

The website also includes a visit map and calendar to help teachers plan a more hands-on welfare day with animal experts.

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