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HIGH-TECH GEOGRAPHY: ICT in Secondary Schools. Compiled by Sheila King. HIGH-TECH GEOGRAPHY: ICT in Primary Schools. Compiled by Stuart May. Geographical Association, 160 Solly Street, Sheffield S1 4BF pound;5 GA members. pound;7.50 non-members

Sheila King's compilation of 17 articles from Teaching Geography 1995 - 1999 is mostly drawn from the more recent issues. Judicious selection and updating comments by authors and compiler have ensured the material remains relevant.

GA members will have ready access to all articles but this compilation will improve accessibility. It provides an overview and excellent case-studies of the key ICT issues in secondary geography including: assessment; whole-class teaching; progression; coursework; presentation software; satellite iages; integration; and a range of hardware.

The parallel booklet for key stages 1 and 2, drawn from Primary Geography, has similar coverage. ("Weather" crops up in half a dozen articles: is this topic really going to drop out of the curriculum altogether or will teachers realise its relevance for primary education and ensure its continuation in some form or other?) However, there are far more "worked examples" here, with pupil and teacher details and photographs of children getting down to work and large coloured photographs of landscapes and classrooms. The result is a very accessible booklet which will help all primary teachers in their integration of geography and ICT.

Roger Trend is a senior lecturer in education at the University of Exeter

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