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Crossing the road

Sooner or later every primary teacher has to take a class across a busy road. Here's how to do it.

* Sometimes the police will help. Ring and ask.

* Forbid running. Don't let anyone get ahead of you or behind your colleague.

* Walk slowly enough to keep the column together.

* If there's no pedestrian crossing, choose a spot with good visibility both ways.

* Stop the column short of the crossing and let it close up. Bring the other adult up to the front with you.

* Move the head of the column and the other adult up nearly to the kerb. Tell them which way they are t turn after they've crossed, and point out where they will stop and wait for you.

* Stop the traffic. Be confident - use eye contact and an outstretched arm.

* Wait until everything has stopped then walk alone to the middle of the road. Don't let the children follow yet.

* Look around. Don't feel rushed. When you're sure everything is safe, call the children across to pass in front of you. No running.

* As the rear of the column comes on to the road, shepherd them ahead of you. Walk to the front of the column, praise the children.

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