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Crossword article sovles puzzle of ex-head's fears

In his article on crossword setter Roger "Rufus" Squires (Friday, December 1), Steven Hastings writes that "for thousands of teachers the crossword is a daily ritual", and quotes a retired head as suggesting that "it can take over a staffroom".

Perhaps this was the secret fear of a head under whom I once served, who branded the crossworders "a clique" and made his displeasure felt. He met his comeuppane when introducing into the staffroom one day a respected HMI who made an enthusiastic beeline for the crossword table, to the acute embarrassment of his host and the great amusement of the crossworders.

Far more serious, however, is the fact that those of our erstwhile "clique" still in post are now far too busy to enjoy a proper lunch, let alone do the crossword.

Michael Smith Norfolk

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