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Crude young man

I teach a young man, rejected by others, whose language is, to say the least colourful. His name is Ray, but is known in the staffroom as "Fucking Ray", because "fuck" is what he says in every sentence. Curiously, this also manifests itself in his written work. It seems Ray's problem stems from his father who instilled in him the need to embellish his work with "fucking" this and "fucking" that. Despite complaints there seems little I can do to stop him, as he does not understand others might take offence.

I have yet to hear of anyone being barred from college for his foul language, especially if it is not directed in anger at anyone in particular. People with Asperger's Syndrome sometimes show a total disregard for appropriate behaviour because they are simply not equipped to understand what is appropriate, in which case he will have to unlearn his foul- mouthed habits with guidance. It may be worth getting him assessed by an educational psychologist.

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