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Crunchtime for Captain Carrot

First there was Potato Pete, follwed by Lamby and Beefy. Now, the British Carrot Growers' Association has announced the arrival of Captain Carrot.

In the highlight of what was billed as "Britain's first ever Carrot Carnival", schoolchildren across Lincolnshire this week watched Captain Carrot take on the evil Baron von Burger.

Given the popularity of TV chef Jamie Oliver's healthy school meals, one suspects that the villainous baron might have got the louder cheers.

Exclaims Martin Evans, the chairman of the growers' association: "We really want to explain to children how carrots grow for them to know more about how good they are for you and that they're really good to eat!"

Of course, we cannot independently verify the assertion that this carrot carnival was really Britain's first.

But we are absolutely certain that this is the first time anyone has ever felt the need for an exclamation mark when talking about the flavour of a carrot.

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