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Crusts give you curls. Don't they?

We have all heard the one about the ice-cream van only playing music when it has run out of ice-cream, but what other lies did our mothers tell us? Teachers share a host of fibs in the TES online forums, some of which are just plain cruel.

Randomgirly was on the receiving end of "some great whoppers", such as "if you pick your nose your brains will fall out, if you were still in the bath when the water ran down the plug hole you would go with it, and if you ate bread crusts your hair would go curly" (she had straight hair).

Mandala1, meanwhile, had a mother with very firm opinions on sartorial matters: "My mum still believes that if you don't have a shirt or T-shirt firmly tucked in, you'll get 'kidneys'."

Several teachers were told that if they sat on concrete they would get piles, while eating cakes straight from the oven was forbidden in many households because it led to indigestion.

One of the most creative lies is from indigo987's dad, who used to say that the sheep in the hilly orchard behind their house would grow two legs shorter than the other two so they didn't fall over, then when they moved to flat ground they would walk wobbly.

Perhaps the most worrying trend is that these teachers are passing on the baton when it comes to lying to children.

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