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Crying out for a break from Ofsted's 'overblown regime'

It doesn't surprise me that CfBT is so lax in its employment of inspectors ("Ofsted inspector had conviction for unacceptable teaching conduct", January 8).

After a CfBT inspection of my school in July 2009, I submitted a complaint that one of the recommendations regarding the foundation stage was entirely unfounded.

My complaint was upheld with an apology and I was assured in writing that the wording of the recommendation would be changed. I agreed to the new wording, but on publication the wording remained unchanged. To add insult to injury, the draft report was published before the agreed date and had to be withdrawn with an apology.

Last week's article served to confirm my opinion that CfBT's standards are perfectly in line with Ofsted's ... dismal.

Kath Coyle, Headteacher, Aintree Davenhill Primary School, Merseyside.

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