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Culture of fear grips local LSCs

IT is not only people at Nottingham LSC "that are so frightened they will not put their heads above the parapet" ("Union accuses top LSC director of bullying", FE Focus, July 18). Here at London South we have experienced similar treatment.

We have been pushed into signing job descriptions and losing benefits as a result of so called harmonisation procedures. Not only has the executive director been forced to resign, we have lost three directors, people are still being forced to sign new job descriptions twO-and-a-half years after harmonisation.

We have had numerous people off sick with stress, and this is still ongoing, because of the pressure they were being put under. The kind of people who think that they can bully a union official, do even worse to staff!

Morale is so low that people are just leaving intheir droves. National LSC can say that there are jointly agreed grievance procedures bui when it comes down to practice it is a very local thing.

I'm pretty sure that this is happening in more than two of the 47 local LSCs. When given a choice between signing a new job description and redundancy what choice would any of your readers make?

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