Culture is the heart of change

I read with interest your front-page article on workforce reform.

It is not true to say reforms are failing to reduce workload. The removal of administrative tasks, from teachers is evidence enough. This is certainly the case in my school where teachers have a much improved worklife balance, receive regular preparation, planning and assessment time and the support required from dedicated full-time teaching assistants, who are acknowledged, within the school community, as "para-professionals".

There are certainly issues regarding budgets in respect of single-status pay awards for support staff. While appreciating that many schools are coming to terms with the statutory requirements for 10 per cent time in September 2005, remodelling does allow for creativity and flexibility, something that has been lacking in the past.

You are right, however, to point out the necessity for creating real cultural change. This is at the heart of remodelling which has enabled us to be more effective and efficient in the leadership and the management of the school and has had a significant impact on raising standards.

Linda Harvey Headteacher Beaumont primary school Croydon

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