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James Munt has a soft spot for superheroes

Best book ever

John Wyndham's Day of the Triffids and The Chrysalids. They are so clever: even though they were written in the 1950s and they talk about a time far ahead in the future, they are still believable.

Best film ever

Anything corny. Pirates of the Caribbean was great. My favourites are the Superman films. Imagine someone who can do all those things. They may not have great plots but they are harmless and innocent.

Best on stage

I go to Glyndebourne every year and I've seen La Traviata and Turandot in the Roman amphitheatre in Sicily. I also love musicals: Phantom of the Opera - I've seen it seven times, it's brilliant - and Miss Saigon.

I was opera trained as a baritone and I like to sing English songs: Vaughan Williams; Gilbert and Sullivan. Bizet is good for baritones. In Puccini operas the tenor usually gets the girl, but Bizet wrote those parts for baritone.

Best pictures

Mark Rothko's work changes as his life goes on. It starts off bright and cheerful but later the colours are very dark: grey, dark blue and black. In the Tate he specified the lighting and colour of the walls, so it has an oppressive feel, but the prints I have at home are early works with reds and yellows. It's easier on the eye. I like them because they're not fussy.

They're not a landscape or a person, so you can interpret them in a personal way. They can be whatever you make them, and the meaning of the picture will change from day to day.

Something for school

We play a lot of music during the school day. I put on the Mission Impossible theme tune when my class is changing for PE, because it instils a sense of urgency. It only lasts a minute so I usually have to play it three times. We've done Oliver! and Joseph and we're planning to do Mary Poppins this year. I'm not sure how we'll do the flying. We could have a PowerPoint backdrop of a rolling sky, or perhaps I'll just stand at the side and throw the child on stage.

Treat in store

The next Harry Potter film, of course.

James Munt, 24, is Year 6 teacher, and music and IT co-ordinator at Redlands primary school, Fareham, Hampshire. He was talking to Karen Gold

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