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Scottish literary studies

Boroughmuir High's S1-S6 reading list includes: A Braw Brew, edited by Liz Niven and Pete Fortune Robert Henryson's fables and The Testament of Cresseid (Higher) Catherine McPhail's novels "Hieroglyphics" and Buddha Da by Anne Donovan Me and Ma Gal and Six Black Candles by Des Dillon The Cone-Gatherers and Some Kind of Grace by Robin Jenkins After You'd Gone by Maggie O'Farrell You Have to be Careful in the Land of the Free by James Kelman Any writing by Alasdair Gray Highland River and The Green Isle of the Great Deep by Neil Gunn Beside the Ocean of Time and Hawkfall by George Mackay Brown Gillespie by John MacDougall Hay The Trick is to Keep Breathing by Janice Galloway Scottish history studies across the school cluster: Bruntsfield Primary: P6 Old Edinburgh; P7 Second World War: the home front South Morningside Primary: P3 Famous Scots; P4 Romans in Scotland; P5 Old Edinburgh; P6 Jacobites; P7 Second World War: the home front Buckstone Primary: P6 Jacobites; P7 Second World War: the home front Boroughmuir High: S1 The Romans; Scottish wars of independence S2 Black peoples of the Americas; Life in Nazi Germany (under review) S3-S4 Standard grade: Changing life in Scotland and Britain 1830-1930 S5 Higher: option C, later modern history, historical study - Scottish and British 1850s-1979; special topic 6, patterns of migration, Scotland 1830s-1930s S6 Advanced Higher: Northern Britain from the Romans to 1000; Scottish independence 1286-1329

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