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Curriculum - Geography - Lesson plan - Football frenzy afoot

Primary Tap into World Cup fever and get pupils to think about host nation South Africa as well as other countries and players

Primary Tap into World Cup fever and get pupils to think about host nation South Africa as well as other countries and players

What the lesson is about

This is an opportunity to integrate the World Cup into your geography curriculum, with links to literacy and numeracy. Pupils are allocated a team to research, and also learn about tourism and the South African economy. It is aimed at key stage 2 but can be easily adjusted to different age groups.


  • Pupils learn about countries and continents.
  • Pupils can identify different countries and continents on maps.
  • Pupils learn about jobs and industries in other countries.
  • Pupils understand terms such as host country, continent, local and industry.
  • Pupils understand that each country has its own climate and geographical features.
    • Getting started

Ask pupils to label a world map, showing the continents, main oceans and the countries taking part in the World Cup. Ask them to research information about South Africa, the host country. They should draw a map of Africa and mark the different countries.

Then they should draw a map of South Africa, marking the football stadiums that will be used in the competition.

Get them to find out about South Africa. What is the weather like? What are its main geographical features? Ask them to think about the types of jobs needed for the World Cup to take place.

As well as people directly involved in the matches, there are those who work in hotels and restaurants, in transport, and who prepare and sell food. Ask them to think about who is involved in the tourism industry.

Allocate a team taking part in the World Cup to each pupil. Ask them to find out about that country. What are its geographical features? Does it have any famous landmarks? What sort of food does it produce? What is the weather like? How does the country compare with England (or Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland)?

Taking it further

Ask pupils to find out about the players in their allocated team. Where do they come from? Were they all born in that country?

Ask them to find pictures related to their allocated country, such as native animals, or its buildings, or famous citizens. Ask them to draw their country's flag and put these on their world map. Ask them to design a poster to persuade people to come to the World Cup. How would they show what South Africa is like? Ask them to imagine they were going to the World Cup. Where would they stay? How would they travel there? What will they see?

Where to find it

The original lesson, uploaded by island651, can be found at

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