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Confronting the Obstacles to Inclusion: International Responses to Developing Inclusive Education

By Richard Rose (ed)


ISBN: 978-0415493635


A comprehensive examination of interpretations of inclusion, drawing on the experience and expertise of academics and practitioners from around the world. Combines theoretical chapters with practical demonstrations of how those ideas work in the classroom. Key themes include the causes of exclusion, how to overcome obstacles to inclusion, supporting families, how we can learn from pupils, professional development, enhancing teaching and learning and support in the classroom.

The Dyscalculia Assessment

By Jane Emerson and Patricia Babtie


ISBN: 978-1441140852


A complete assessment tool for investigating maths difficulties in children, as well as advice on how to implement the findings in lesson plans. Jane Emerson is director of Emerson House, a centre for children with dyscalculia, dyslexia and dyspraxia in west London. She uses her experience to explain how to pinpoint where a child is struggling and how to use that information to help them progress. Step-by-step instructions alongside photocopy-ready assessment sheets make this a useful resource.

Challenging Kids, Challenged Teachers

By Leslie E. Packer

Woodbine House

ISBN: 978-1890627829


Useful for teachers who have pupils with Tourette's, bipolar disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder and attention- deficit hyperactivity disorder. Sections cover understanding neurological disorders and why they may overlap, the behaviours they may cause and how to understand pupils. The appendix of screening tools, forms and checklists appear on an accompanying CD-Rom for easy reproduction.

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