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Dyslexia in the Digital Age: Making IT work

By Ian Smythe


ISBN: 978-0826438836


Technology is not a solution to dyslexia, but it does offer a way of minimising its impact. Personal computers and laptops, while lifesavers for some, leave others drowning in a sea of technology. This book starts from the basics, working from the needs of the dyslexic individual up to how to get the most out of technology, with plenty of practical advice, including reviews of the most common types of software.

Thirty Three Ways to Help with Spelling

By Heather Morris and Sue Smith


ISBN: 978-0415560801


This aims to equip teachers and teaching assistants with the practical tools they need to help children who are having difficulties learning the basics of spelling. It includes a series of activities and games that do not need lengthy preparation, including mnemonics, phonetics and tactile tasks. A step-by-step approach seeks to make sure children stay motivated and enjoy learning. Both authors have extensive experience of working with children with dyslexia and specific learning difficulties.

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