Cut down to size

I began to read the article on class size conducted by the Tennessee Research Project (TES, January 24) with great interest, as I admit teaching my class of 37 Year 45s is a frustrating experience a great deal of the time as I am unable to give the children the time and attention they require.

I stopped reading in disbelief when I read that the children in the study had been allocated to either classes of 15 or 24, or 24 plus classroom assistant. So what this research actually discovered is that there is very little difference in progress between children in tiny classes and children in small classes.

Please can we have some research done on children in small classes (24 would do nicely) and children in classes well over 30? Then perhaps the findings would not only be more realistic, but also in line with what all teachers, and most parents, know for a fact ie, children in large classes over 30 are at a disadvantage.

PAT DOWNES Gorsthills Primary Berry Drive Great Sutton South Wirral

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