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Cutbridge College

Coatbridge College is facing a reputed Pounds 350,000 budget shortfall that could lead to redundancies, the new North Lanarkshire branch of the Educational Institute of Scotland was told last Saturday (page five). An irate lecturer protested that 12 senior members of staff last year shared Pounds 60,000 (average Pounds 5,000) in pay rises, while the rest shared Pounds 40,000 (average Pounds 500).

The college is currently looking for someone to administer its bursary scheme, now that local authorities no longer enjoy the honour. Without a trace of irony, the advertisement asks for someone who "should possess excellent communication skills and be able to prioritise a heavy workload, to meet strict deadlines and to empathise with the needs of students facing profound financial hardship".

The post carries a salary of Pounds 15,045. Presumably, the appointee will possess the wisdom of Solomon to avoid allegations of favouring Catholic students from Coatbridge at the expense of those from Protestant Airdrie.

Not that it means much, surely, but the EIS held its meeting in Airdrie.

Off with their jewels The jewels of the two Elizabeths who rule Edinburgh City Council's education committee have gone missing, councillors were startled to learn last week. Liz Reid, director of education, lost her bracelet at the previous meeting. Now convener Elizabeth Maginnis has lost her necklace. What is going on?

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