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Dambusters slur has got it all wrong

We were pleased to see your article about our school's innovative teaching of mathematics by recreating the 1943 Dambusters raid (TES, April 16), but we would like to give reassurance that our lessons do not reinforce German stereotypes.

The Mountbatten school and language college has a strong commitment to supporting the spiritual, social, moral and cultural development of our pupils and this was recognised by the Office for Standards in Education during our last inspection.

Ofsted praised the excellent teaching in history and mathematics and found it to be very effective in meeting the needs of our pupils. We offer them the chance to visit German and French families as part of an exchange programme and we have good links with both European and international communities.

I wonder if the German Embassy spokesman was in possession of all the facts relating to Peter Ransom's lesson. His comments in no way reflect the responses from the county mathematics inspector, staff, parents and pupils who have been supportive of Mr Ransom's teaching methods, and have stated that he always teaches the subject with great sensitivity.

LK Morffew


The Mountbatten school

Whitenap Lane


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