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Danish insurance takes the bacon

I SUGGEST that the recruitment package for desperately-needed teachers should include advice on arranging life insurance before their appointment is confirmed.

As a teacher of English as a foreign language (TEFL) in Denmark, I have been enquiring about additional life insurance through a British broker and was rejected outright by Zurich Life even before they had asked any health-related questions - no question even of loading the premium.

The company classifies teaching as a high-risk occupation and no amount of cowardly backtracking on my partby trying to pass myself off as a trainer instead, on the basis that I work with adults, would convince them.

In contrast, my husband, who does scientific fieldwork all over Europe including Iceland and Greenland, was very welcome as a customer.

As in other matters such as global warming and ozone loss, perhaps we should heed the insurance companies' unhyped assessments. What really galls me, though, is that I've never had such stress-free teaching as I do here in Denmark.

Anne Fox

Ramtenvej 54, Nimtofte

DK8581, Denmark

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