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The dark side of assessment

A few weeks ago, I wrote asking for more light and less heat in the debate about assessment. So it was sad to read in your last issue of another prominent educational institution fanning the flames in preference to shedding some light on the issue.

Having read the Executive's consultation paper on assessment a few times now, I can find little to support the reported views of the General Teaching Council for Scotland and, having once taken a very active part in the inner workings of the Educational Institute of Scotland, I am surprised at the degree of hostility to the suggestions on national testing in particular.

Ironically, the EIS's own submission to the consultation (available from the EIS website) is thoughtful and illuminating.

One comment is particularly appropriate on this occasion: "Perhaps most fundamentally, the EIS is concerned that the changes in culture required to support the approaches to assessment which have been developing in recent years and which are reflected in this document (the Executive's consultation paper) are not yet internalised by all those in positions of authority in Scottish education".

Quite. More light, please.

Eric Young

iTelligent Classrooms



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