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Darkest Scotland

TESS, July 10, page 24, quote:

"We struggled for so long to win the right to teach our own language and have our culture officially recognised . . . Now we make sure our children go to school and take great pride." Who said this? A tribal leader deep in the Amazonian rain forest.

TESS, July 10, page 16, quote: "The council was nervous about any discussion of national identity, disliked the status given in the report to Scots language and felt that Scottish culture in the curriculum needed no enlargement. " Who said this? An enraged and puzzled Robbie Robertson in his expose of the censorship tactics of the Scottish Consultative Council on the Curriculum regarding its "wide-ranging" review of Scottish culture.

Fortunately, the suppressed document is available on the Net, or possibly deep in the Amazonian rain forest, where they seem to be much more advanced than in this country.

Liz Niven Penninghame Schoolhouse Newton Stewart

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