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From Darwinism to dieting

If it seems that the Christmas break came and went in a flash, take heart.

This term might be stretching out before you, but if you started your induction in September, you will have gone through the worst part.

And to prove it, Chris Ferne, a teacher from Bexley, south-east London, recalls how more confident and relaxed he felt going back to work for his second term (above).

Behaviour management expert Sue Cowley offers ideas on the New Year's resolutions you might not have considered but could use to make your job easier (page 9).

It is also the time of year when many people - pupils included - are regretting the festive excesses and thinking about how they look in readiness for summer. But what happens when dieting goes too far? Joe Clancy examines the perils of eating disorders (page 10).

What do you understand about "born again"? James Heartfield looks at the evangelical movement and how to fit diverse views on issues such as Darwinism and evolution in the classroom (page 6).

Do tell us what you want to read about, and have a good term.

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