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Date to celebrate - May 12 - Florence Nightingale's birthday

What's it all about?

Born on May 12, 1820, Florence Nightingale is best known as "the lady with the lamp".

Assembly ideas

A presentation or short play is a great way to teach children about Florence Nightingale. Focus on her key achievements - the life-saving introduction of hygiene during the Crimean War, her breakthroughs in raising the standards of nursing and her historical significance as a feminist.

With primary children, you can talk about hygiene, germs and illness and ask the children why washing their hands is important. Secondary pupils might be more interested in the social adversity that she overcame as a woman, breaking the mould to become such a prominent and influential public figure during the Victorian era. Discussion can touch on women's suffrage. Are the sexes treated equally today? Is it the same in every country?

Your assembly should be a celebration of her life and achievements.

Help, I've got no time to prepare

Visit TES online for a downloadable assembly:

The Primary Resources website also has a wealth of information on Florence Nightingale, including presentations, workbooks and quizzes:

Where do I get more information?

The Florence Nightingale Museum website has a dedicated kids' zone:


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