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Day at the races

Flamboyant hats off to Westborough primary school, which used an in-service training day to take its staff teambuilding at Ascot - at a parent's suggestion. The fallout suggests schools following suit should emulate the Royal birthday party gatecrasher and find compelling professional reasons for the outrageous outing, rather than explain they've already done the work in their own time and this is fostering staff unity. But it must sound Gradgrindian and self-sacrificing. No hint of enjoyment allowed.

So... Ascot (sociology and maths): observing the British class system and probability. Wimbledon (physics): angles of trajectory and how size can overcome ability. Henley regatta (biology): effect of excess alcohol on the body. Cheap charter flight: behaviour study for new school discipline policy. Glyndebourne (food technology) picnic table design. Royal birthday parties (PSHE): beneficial effects of received pronunciation; heredity and success. And, most important: getting away with it.

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