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Dead wrong

Sinn Fein, I hear, has blamed "low self-esteem" and under-investment by the British Government for Northern Ireland's suicide problem.

"There are not enough resources committed to providing support for people, particularly young people, at risk from suicide," says Michelle Gildernew, the party's Fermanagh and South Tyrone MP. "This leaves them exposed to problems of alienation, low self-esteem and social exclusion." Oddly enough, Sinn Fein forgot to mention another cause of suicides - the systematic bullying by paramilitaries of the province's youth during the "peace process".

These include the death of Anthony O'Neill, who sank into depression and killed himself this year after the Irish National Liberation Army stuffed him down a manhole for several hours, then gave him a beating.

Perhaps the INLA's thugs are victims of "social exclusion" too.

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