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Deaf awareness

THANK you for publishing a great picture (TESS, April 7) of comedienne Karen Dunbar and pupils of St Brendan's primary, Glasgow. But the launch was not for Deaf Connections, but for the Millennium Schools Project that is run by Deaf Connections - we are a charity working to help deaf people achieve the same quality of life as anyone else.

The aim of the Millennium Schools Project is to integrate

deaf children into their local community and increase deaf awareness among all children. The project will provide Glasgow pupils n primary 7 with the opportunity to learn how to communicate with deaf people by being taught the basics of British Sign Language.

The project is funded by the National Lottery Charities Board and is the first of its kind to take place in Scotland. Various programmes are available to primary schools in the Glasgow area, ranging from a one-hour introductory meeting to an in-depth 10-week course.

Claire McCann

Millennium Schools

Project Co-ordinator

Deaf Connections

Norfolk Street


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