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Degree of frustration

Q. I am 25 and in my second year of a QTS degree in physical education. What is the Registered Teacher Programme and is the qualification comparable to my degree?

AThe RTP is for those working in school as an unqualified teacher and completing a degree part time.J At the end of the course, normally two years, QTS is awarded once the degree has been ratified. If you want to swap to the RTP course you should check that you have the required 240 CAT points (credit accumulation and transfer) to start the programme. Then find a school willing to employ you as an unqualified teacher.J One or two Designated Recommending Bodies do include the degree "top-up" as part of the RTP.

Check you can continue your degree part-time and talk over concerns with a tutor.

Some countries do not recognise the employment-based routes as equivalent to a QTS degree or PGCE.

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