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Democratic and accountable

I refer to your article, "Unions fear secret pay pact" (TESS, February 17), in which Neil Munro refers to the Campaign for Further Education as "the left-wing pressure group."

This is an inaccuracy by Mr Munro. While I consider myself left-wing, MSPs from every party in the Scottish Parliament, as well as independent members, have given broad approval in general terms to the aims and objectives of the Campaign (see

In fact, the launch of the Campaign for Further Education was facilitated by the offices of Dennis Canavan, MSP, who also chaired the press conference for the Campaign's launch. The Campaign for Further Education is a public interest pressure group.

We welcome supporters from all political perspectives along with apolitical citizens who are also concerned about the current governance and accountability of the management and funding of Scottish further education colleges. The goal of a national FE service organised in a democratic and accountable way is one which finds a response in all democratic political currents.

James Higney

Campaign for Further Education

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