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Deputy head owns Beckham's car

The school car park: 23 Nissan Micras, a battered old Volvo..oh, and a black Mercedes SLK convertible with blacked-out windows, state-of-the-art satellite navigation, and speakers that can start earthquakes. And this is not just any old Mercedes. It's the former pride and joy of El Goldenballs himself, David Beckham.

The navigation system still records the great man's favourite drives in Hertfordshire and Cheshire and the glove box preserves invites to some of the country's coolest clubs.

If you are in a school in the north-west of England looking for a deputy head, you may see this car soon. That is because the new owner of the 165 mph Merc, sold when Beckham moved to Madrid this summer, is 41-year-old teacher Gary McMahon. The former deputy head of Westhoughton primary, near Bolton, contacted the diary after an item a few weeks ago suggested that teachers tended to have boring cars.

"Not all of us own Micras," protests Gary, who has spent a year out running his father-in-law's swimming pool business but is now applying for deputy head jobs, "This motor cost me pound;40,000." Gary's car is an educational tool too: "These vehicles gain kudos with children and provide an alternative role model to dull, uninspiring teachers that are all too common." Perhaps Ofsted should introduce car park inspections.

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