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Derision and despair over the digital age

I read this article with great interest. As a parent of two primary-aged boys, I live with two digital natives and recognise that they are growing up in a digital world. I am sure that I am not the only parent who gets a disapproving look when I dig out a video to watch or CD to play - for them it is iPlayer and downloads.

However, I do wonder whether the Department for Education and Ofsted recognise the world in which our children are growing up. When I am not being Dad, I am also a headteacher and our school vision is based on children growing up in the digital age. For four years, we have provided all 240 of our key stage 2 pupils with personalised access to netbooks and developed an ICT-based teaching and learning approach.

Valerie Thompson suggests that some teachers are resistant to ICT in the classroom, but that is not our experience. However, during our recent Ofsted inspection the team had no interest in ICT, the measurable impact it has had on progress, or the ICT skills of our pupils. And the new Ofsted framework seems to place even less emphasis on this essential life skill. My concern is that staff will be reluctant to develop ICT further in the future as its importance is not recognised and valued.

Glenn Booth, Dad and headteacher of Giffard Park Primary, Milton Keynes.

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